Life has a way of projecting the unexpected on us. No matter how prepared you are for a worse case scenario something always manages to come along and prove that we were never quite as prepared as we thought we were. When this happens we can all take comfort knowing that there are Same day Loans available. The Same day Loan allows us an opportunity to apply for a specific amount of money and is guaranteed to have an answer the same day.

The Same day Loan can be applied for over the phone, online or in person. The criteria are generally the same. A person must have proof of identification, proof of social security number, proof of residency and proof of income. Once the financial institution secures the documents and makes copies of them the verification process begins. In most cases, the applicant is asked to provide personal and professional references.

The references along with the landlord and employer are contacted to ensure the information is accurate. Typically the financial institution makes contact with the landlord to ensure there are no delinquencies and to confirm the amount of time the applicant lived here. It is also important to verify the amount of time remaining.

Likewise the employer is contacted. Although an employer can’t verify paycheck amounts or disciplinary history the financial institution is able to confirm that the applicant is currently employed there. The length of employment demonstrates stability and maybe a strong factor when funding a loan. Documentation on the verifications are noted and filed away along with a copy of a social security card and a photo identification card.

Once all references and documents have been verified as authentic the financial institution is able to draft a contract which both the applicant and the company’s representative must sign. The check is then presented to the applicant.

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